Join Us for a Full Day of Free Community Workshops!

Fun for All Ages!

April 27th is "John Wai Martial Arts Day." In celebration of this honor, we are hosting free workshops for

our local community for all ages.

We put together a team of experts to host several seminars that we feel would best serve our community. Come learn, meet our team of experts and have fun training with friends.

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Women’s Self Defense

Essential for all women. Learn practical tactics designed for women, including verbal defense, body positioning, crucial striking areas, effective techniques, and ground defense.

(For Teens & Adults)

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Kids Anti-Bullying

Kids will learn straightforward, effective ways to deal with bullying, offering clear, step-by-step methods for standing up for themselves.

(For Kids Ages 6 to 13)

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Close Quarter

Weapon Retention

Learn how to keep your firearm safe using simple Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Wrestling techniques in a close quarter weapon’s defense workshop.

(For Adults)

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Parents & Kids

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn essential ground techniques together. Discover how to practice

BJJ's top control positions at home with your child.

(For Kids and Adults)

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Kicboxing with Friends

Bring your friends or family member for kickboxing with our professional fighters. You'll learn exciting moves and get a great workout.

(For Adults)


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BJJ Gi with

Multiple Black Belts

Learn favorite techniques from several BJJ Black Belts. This session is perfect for anyone practicing BJJ, from beginners to advanced, looking to refine their techniques and elevate their skill level. This workshop is for BJJ Gi.

(For Teens & Adults)


8:30am – Kickboxing with Friends

9:30am – Women’s Self Defense

10:30am – Kids Anti-bullying

11:30am – Parents and Kids BJJ

12:30pm – Close Quarter Weapons Retention

1:30pm – BJJ Gi with Several Black Belts

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